Expectations for Annotations

Some of these tips are taken from the hypothesis website. You may be interested in reading the full article to learn how annotations can help your learning the most.

When I ask you to annotate a reading, it is due by noon prior to the relevant class day. This allows me time to review your annotations before class starts.

A valid annotation meets the following criteria:

  • May be a standalone (new) annotation, or a reply to a classmate.
  • Annotations should be additive. A reply of “I agree” is not additive.
  • Annotations should not summarize the text – it should ask a question, provide connections to other parts of the reading or other class material, give background information, etc.

We will annotate the following texts. Number refers to the number of annotations you must complete.

ReadingDue DateNumber
The SyllabusJanuary 251
The Secret to Raising Smart KidsJanuary 271
Books for Book ClubMarch 35
Books for Book ClubApril 145
Online Construction of Suffix TreesMay 53
Books for Book ClubMay 115

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